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Trusting God


Some years ago I wrote a book about God’s will in our lives, using autobiographical stories to illustrate principles of God’s guidance. One principle that always forms a solid basis to stand on when trying to discern God’s will and when interpreting events, especially those unexpected circumstances, is a strong belief in the providence of God.

God is sovereign, meaning among other things, He is totally in control of all things. Nothing is outside of His control, good or bad, big or small. If there was anything that was outside His control, He would not be God!

This does not mean He is the source of all things that happen, as then He would be the source of evil. But evil is not outside His control. He can limit evil, use evil for good, and one day will eventually remove evil.

Look at the life and circumstances of Job! God was in total control, and even gave Satan boundaries to his evil designs.Look also at the crucifixion of Jesus! God was in complete control as was the Lord Jesus. Then God used the worst evil in all of history to become the means of the greatest blessing in the universe – salvation through the death of His Son!

So we can trust God in the midst of the most puzzling or unexpected circumstances, even when we have been so unjustly treated, or when we face tragedy or huge financial loss.

God is in control and in His unfailing love has our best interests at heart.

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